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Plumbing a supply for a chiller

Greetings, this summer my wife and I gutted and remodeled our kitchen. We didn’t consider one critical factor; our new kitchen faucet doesn’t allow me to attach my counterflow chiller. With that said, I’m trying to find a simple alternative. I’ve seen a few people create a new supply line with a dedicated quarter turn shut off for their chiller and I’d like to go that route. I went to home depot tonight to try to find the right parts but couldn’t find what I was looking for and the help at HD couldn’t figure it out either. I’m all set to brew tomorrow with this one key factor not yet solved for:

This is what I’m thinking but need suggestions on what fittings are available: ... hiller.jpg

This is a photo of my cold water supply line in the kitchen: ... to-7-1.jpg

Any ideas on how I can make this work would be appreciated.

Chain a couple tee adapters together?

One the 2nd adapter, you should be able to find a shut off valve for the “new supply line” going to the chiller?

Find an ACE Hardware, old time hardware store, or a dedicated plumbing supply store for some real help. :wink:

I’m in almost the same boat, but I use a standard, not counter flow chiller. My chiller was the latest acquisition, so only one batch so far. I used a submersible pump in a homer bucket with ice and water. As the water heated I would let some drain to the sink by moving the chiller outlet, and then add more ice to the bucket. 15 minutes got us down to 70, 20 min got us to 60, which is colder than my mid 70’s tap water could do. We just need to start stockpiling homemade ice, rather than buying convenience store bags.

like nighthawk’s diagram: where the turn valve is, you should be able to find a quarter-turn shutoff ball valve in 3/8; connect it to the T with a 3/8 nipple. if you can’t find a T like the one in the diagram one like this could work: 3/8 Bronze T
, you would just need to get 3/8 NPT nipples to thread in to connect to your supply lines and ball valve.

I had to find the garden hose/NPT adaptor at a farm store, however something like this would work pretty well, it would just thread into your 3/8 ball valve Garden Hose/NPT Adaptor

hope this is not too confusing :cheers:

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