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Just put on draft a keg of IPA. I pulled the handle and nothing. Pull the pressure release and lots of gas. Next I connected a liquid QD and blew CO2 back ward to try to clear it. Could hear bubbles going in so I connect the tap up and a little squirt then nothing. Tried a different tap and same thing.

It is dry hopped with pellets in a spice ball so I blew CO2 down again and got some hop “dust” this time and it clogged again.

So I’m thinking it’s either keep blowing it back or release the pressure and rack it to another keg. Any other ideas?

Had this with a pineapple gose that I made. Bagged the pineapple and all but the bag opened. :pensive:

Couldn’t for the life of me to get it clear. Ended up having to rack it off to a new keg. Sorry.

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Beyond me how the hops could clog it when they are in the spice ball unless it broke open. Hope not since there are two more just like it.

I will let things settle and try the CO2 backwards again.

I was having this same issue with one of mine yesterday. It usually happens on the left tap for some reason, but never the right tap. I took the connections off and on both CO2 and beer line, then cranked the CO2 up and it blasted out a bunch of sludge. :joy: Two pours later came out nice and clear. I bag my hops but Off the Topper has a TON of dry hops sitting in the keg.



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Every once in awhile one of my ball lock qd’s gets clogged

It easily blows back with a little pressure so whatever is clogging it gets sucked right back up. What a PIA.

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I would relieve the pressure and pull the QD, tube, hose and faucet all out and clean it up… The keg can sit in the keezer… Ih yeah, try pull a pint first… what ever clogs it, should still be there and be able to get rid of it… Then hook stuff up, but use a picnic tap to verify its truly pouring just fine… Sneezles61

Doesn’t take much to clog the disconnect. Had it happen with fruit and had I’d happen with hops. PITA

Could it be the hops are clogging. The lines. Like what loopie said. Rack it move it to a other keg and try again

I had that at the start of the new double IPA I just put on tap. Have all the hops in a bag in the keg, I cranked up the freakin pressure until I got a pour, then after taking a pint or two of some pretty chewy brew it seemed to clear up and has been ok for a couple of weeks now.

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That’s exactly what I experienced. I would get a short pour then nothing. Cold crashing did nothing. It would still clog.

Edited: shirt to short. Not sure what a shirt pour would be.

After a little work all is well. I gave up trying to blow back the hops. Pulled the pressure relief until I could remove the lid and racked the beer into another keg. Sure enough the spice ball with 2oz of centennial inside had popped open making a mound of pellet hops in the bottom. Did lose about a gallon of IPA with all the fooling around though.

I checked one of the other kegs by sticking a tap on and I’m happy to say it was not clogged. Next time I will be more careful closing up the spice ball.

Are you worried about oxidation? I oxidized an IPA pushing to a sealed but unpurged keg

Me use slimline. Heineken kegs. Nice in use. But once carb and closed. Thats it

I guess oxidation is a risk I have to take. It was that or not get the beer out of the keg. I transferred it as gently as possible but never gave flushing the new keg a thought. Last night about a gallon was used up anyway so I will have to find more taste testers this weekend so we can use up more before the O2 can ruin it. :grin:

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