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Plugged up keg

I recently brewed an Ace of Spades IPA. The recipe called for dry hopping in the secondary. However, it didn’t say anything about a hop spider, a muslin bag, or anything. Just toss em in. This was only my second extract batch, so I didn’t know. Once it was done I kegged it. I carbonated and next day was so ready for that delicious brew. I pulled the keg handle, got about 2 drops, then nothing. I checked my plumbing, connections were all good. I suspected the keg may have become plugged, and sure enough once I transferred the beer to another keg, the beer poured. When I cleaned out the keg in question, I found a bunch of hops stuck in the dip tube. So my question is, how are you guys dry hopping? I saw some old posts that mention paint bags versus hop spiders. Is that still a thing? BTW, the beer was yummy!!

I put the hops in a cotton hop bag tie it and toss it it the keg. Charge it with 30 pounds of gas. Disconnect the lines wait a day or more then into the kegerator where I hit it with 30 pounds every 12 hours Then leave it at 10 pounds

Me never did dry hop into the keg. Only do secondary. My kegs wont let me i use heineken kegs. But one thing you can do. Get a small. Muslinbag. Or hop spider. Piece of dentalfloss and hang it into your keg. This works. And does not clock up the diptube spear

I have had hops from dry hopping in the keg clog the tube a few times. You can swap a liquid QD (ball lock) to your CO2, crank up the pressure a little and try to blow back the hops. I found that if there is enough junk in the bottom, it will just clog again. In that case like you had to I transferred to another keg. Sucked a muslin bag that was full of hops in once too. That I could release the pressure and fish out.

If you are transferring enough hops when kegging then the options are to either find a way to filter them when racking, let everything settle first or use something like a muslin bag while dry hopping in the fermenter.

You can use muslin cloth and tie it above the dip tube using dental floss.

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