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Plugged transfer pump

I was using my Northern Brewer transfer pump to rack wine and I accidentally got the intake end into the lees, The pump immediately plugged and stopped pumping anything even though it was running.
Is there a way to unplug it?

Bummer! Other than taking it apart, you could try flushing it with tap water then resanitize it. They’re pretty easy to take apart.

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Taking them apart periodically for cleaning is a great habit

I have never taken mine apart. Is it fairy simple or do I need an engineer to put it back together?

Pretty easy. The guy in the video uses a screwgun- I personally would just use a screwdriver.

Shouldn’t be really hard to take apart. I have a couple of March brand pumps and replaced the impeller in one with a larger one. Take your time and maybe even a couple of photos along the way.

You might want to try back flushing it some how with a quick shot from your garden hose first.

I found a youtube video for the exact pup I have and with that to guide me, I took it apart and found that the pump had sucked in a very small piece of wood. It was small enough to get through the input opening but just a bit too long to come all the way through. It completely blocked the input side so I couldn’t flush it out or blow it out. I’m glad I found the video though because the process of disassembly and reassembly was not obvious and I was worried about damaging some part of it since replacement parts are not available.


Problem solved! Good deal

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