Pliny The Elder

Just brewed this over the weekend. I did it in all grain. $64.00 for the grains,hops and yeast. 5 gal batch. It better be good it’s the most expensive beer to date.

I hope it turns out well for you.
But when it does, and you have the hankering to make another batch, you seriously should look into buying your brewing ingredients in bulk. By my calculations, and even based on the higher grain prices we’re seeing these days, you really should be able to make a decent Pliny clone for 1/3 of that cost (probably even less).

I sure do miss the days (not all that long ago) when a 55lb sack of imported Crisp Pale or Maris Otter would cost me only $19 (and 50 lbs of Breiss was $12).

Shop around. I just brewed this as well from an all-grain kit I bought for $46. I did buy fresh yeast this time, but if you harvest yeast, that can be a cost savings. My kit (second time I brewed the AG Pliny) was from MoreBeer.

In recipes such as this, it’s not the grain bill that gets you…it’s the hops. I tried to price out the ingredients separately, and while in most cases it’s cheaper, sometimes the kits are actually a better deal.

Can you post a recipe for Pliny the Elder for extract?

I would have to check my recipes at home. I do the AG, but I think I have a copy of the extract version. I will let you know if I can find it.