Pliny clone in 1 gallon form

I see where NB has a 1 gallon version of their Plinian Legacy…but only as part of a starter kit. Since I already have all the equipment from the starter kit I bought last year, I don’t need that stuff…but for reasons I do not understand, they don’t sell the 1 gallon recipe kit (extract) on it’s own. That doesn’t make me not want to make it, or at least some Pliny clone recipe, however.

I think I have two alternatives: Buy the 5 gallon kit, and split up the ingredients, or put together my own kit from a recipe that I find via Google. The former would be easiest, but I would guess whatever ingredients I don’t use in the first batch might not keep very well for batches 2-5? ... GALLON.pdf

Well that is pretty much exactly what I needed. Thank you :slight_smile: One question before I start furiously ordering the ingredients…steeping grains…I don’t see them called out explicitly as something I can buy on the NB site. There are a number of grains that can be purchased for All Grain brewing, etc but I’m not sure what to use for something like this…

Could probably derive steeping grains from the 5g recipe.

That is sort of what I did. There was an all-grain recipe I found that mentioned different grains used, smaller amounts of Crystal and Carib Pils, so that’s what I’ll use.

Thanks for the help…I’m bizarrely excited about my first brew where everything didn’t come in a box lol.

Sounds like a good excuse to try a 1-gallon BIAB all-grain batch! :cheers: