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Pliny 1 gallon missing DME?

I just got done finishing a second batch of Pliny the elder, 1-gallon. I noticed my OG (on both batches) was 1.054. Way off the target of 1.070. I made this twice before and gotperfect values earlier in the year. I think the kit is missing a dry malt extract. It comes with the liquid pilsner malt, but I am sure I have used it in early recipes. The reason I remember it, is when I added it, it sometimes got “gooey” near the heat when I was mixing it in the wort. The instructions do not include it, so maybe they were revised. I followed everything the same. I have a great refractometer from work. I work in the chemistry lab.

Would this omitted malt explain a low OG?

The online Pliny recipe has the following fermentables:

  • Steeping grains
  • 1.5 lbs Maillard Malts Pilsen malt extract syrup (Boil for 45 minutes - Brew Day, step 4)
  • 5 oz Priming Sugar (Add at end of boil - Brew Day, step 4)

LME is 36 PPG ; 1.5 gal of LME would provide 54 points.
Sugar is 46 PPG, 5 oz of sugar would provide 14.4 points.

If the ingredient list and math is correct, it could be that the sugar didn’t make it into the kettle.

Thats what I followed. I’m sure last year they added a dry malt to the 1-gallon kit. I just don’t know how much.


DME is 44 ppg. 6 oz of DME is 16.5 points.

With how much lme it came and how much did you add. Some beer recipy. Are done only with lme

It came with 1.5lbs of LME. The 5-gallon batch kit comes with DME and LME. Not sure why the small 1-gal would not.

I agree. The LME and Sugar add to 68.4 PPG, a little shy of the listed 1.070 OG but close enough.

weird did do some calculation i did come out to 1.060 with only the lme
maybe keep some dme in stock next time you do brew the same beer and add some dme this might help

Some editing to the recipe is warranted. Move the dextrose up with the LME under fermentables and not calling it priming sugar.

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