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Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler

The lastest BYO mag has an ad for the plastic Big Mouth Bubbler on the inside back cover available from Midwest Supplies…anyone heard of a release date for this item? I’ve been checking every day and can’t seem to find any other info than what the ad has pictured. I’m very interested in this version as I’ve waited to pull the trigger on the glass version thinking they might release a plastic one as well.


I just bought regular plastic Bubbler carboys last week. I wish I knew plastic big mouths were coming! If they come out soon, maybe I’ll be able to exchange them.

I would buy one if they made them in plastic. I would buy one even faster if they make it larger than 6 gal.

To me the advantage to the glass big mouth bubbler is that it is glass and has a large opening. its an improvement on the hard to clean carboys.Why not just use a bucket if your preference is plastic.

Because I like to watch.

Now that the big mouth plastic is on the NBI site, my question is will the new lid fit the big mouth glass fermenters?


Because I like to watch.[/quote]
I’m fermenting a 3 gallon batch in a 5 gallon carboy right now. I’d forgotten how much fun Wyeast 1968 is to watch.

Because I like to watch.[/quote]


Because I like to watch.[/quote]

I think I’m going to get this but a bit weary of the height.

Does anyone see any reason why a standard brew hauler wouldnt work with one of these? They have adjustable diameter. I already own two of them so to drop another $20 on a “custom” carrying device for this would probably deter me from purchasing one of these.

Your wish has been granted! 6.5 gallon plastic. Other than watching, which that novelty has pretty much worn off for me, why not just use a bucket? Even easier to clean, move, store, etc.

They say it fits inside of a standard bucket. You could use that as your “brew hauler”.

Biggest advantage that I see these have over a bucket is the top. So much easier to unscrew the top than to pry off a bucket lid. Especially when it’s in a ferm chamber. Normally I have to take a bucket out of my ferm chamber to remove the lid. No need for that with the bubbler. Just unscrew, drop in the hops or whatever else and done.

[quote=“Yesfan70”]I love the idea, but not that price. A 6 gallon better bottle with airlock and bung is going to be $10 cheaper than the big mouth without those items, plus I don’t have to worry about having to use a carrying harness (an additional $20).

Now if Better Bottle came out with their version of the Big Mouth in 3,5,and 6 gallon sizes, I’m all in.[/quote]


Just ordered two of them.

For those wondering why a bucket isn’t considered, I think the Bubblers being taller and (hopefully) skinner will allow more fermentors in a given space. I could only fit 3 buckets in my chest freezer compared to 4 Better Bottle carboys.

[quote=“KartRacer”]Now that the big mouth plastic is on the NBI site, my question is will the new lid fit the big mouth glass fermenters?

Anyone have the scoop on the lid fitting the big mouth glass units?

I liked the punted bottom. Looks like it would make racking easier. I see one in my future.

Just ordered one of the 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubblers a couple days ago. Scheduled for delivery today. Looking forward to breaking it in with a Caribou Slobber kit (also arriving today) on Saturday.

Those of you who ordered one of these, please make sure you report back when you’ve had ample opportunity to use it. Do you notice any difference in yeast performance or in the final product compared to beer brewed in buckets or standard shaped carboys.

Would you expect there to be a difference in beer quality or yeast performance?

Would you expect there to be a difference in beer quality or yeast performance?[/quote]
I agree. It should be the same.
Unless you have Big fermenters or open fermenters.

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