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Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival

Spirit (242 51st Street) 11am-5pm February 17th (SUNDAY!)

  • Fermented Contest - bring your homemade fermented food or drink and have it tried and judged by the community
  • Fermenter Olympics
  • Fermenty Art/ Performance
  • Workshops
  • Make Your Own Stations
  • Culture Share
  • Recipes
  • Kid Activities
  • Garden Resources

Whoa this look amazing and next level. I wish I could attend.

Kid activities at a fermentation festival. Hmmm.

Plenty of healthy foods are fermented not jus etoh

Guess you are right. I just take a burn to people that bring their kids to adult events. I see this is not just for adults.

As I have often have at least two young children on me during most of my free time and really love the idea of coupling my interest in fermentation and a science fair for the kids. I would say this should be the model for everything but I remember that occasionally adults go to things to get away from kids.

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