pitching yeast

brewed today did my yeasst startertoday have never done this before will it be ok to wait till tomorrow to pitch

Help me understand this… you made the starter today as well as brewed today? And you want to pitch tomorrow?

If this is correct then yes you can do this as long as you sanitized everything well. In the future, make that starter a few days before. Better yet, make it a week or so before. This way you can let it ferment out for 3 days and place it in the fridge for 4. Decant the beer on top and pitch straight yeast.

Thanks Josh. Somthing came up today where i had to brew on this timeline, I usually do a starter 24 hrs before i pitch always works well for me, that was not possible on this brew. I did sanitize everything and put sanitized tin foil over carboy.

Sorry about posting this under general and not under yeast and fermentation. I know my fellow brewers will understand :cheers: