Pitching yeast below fermetation temp

Hello I have a ? about pitch yeast little below the temp you want to ferment at for exp let say I want to ferment a beer at 62F i will pitch at about 58F to 60F an let the heat from fermention warm it up to 62F now here where i need help how do you get the yeast starter or the tube of yeast at the same temp so you don’t shock the yeast … Now i have a dual temp control now i was thinking i would chilled the wort down has low as i can with my wort chilled an then put it into to my freezer an set my temp control to 58 to 60F an also put the yeast tube or yeast starter in there also so it can come to the same temp an once it get to the right temp picth an ferment

A lot of people cold crash their starters (or store their packets/vials) in the fridge so its already cooler, and in that case pitching to a relatively warmer wort won’t shock them. I’ve pitched room temp starters at high krausen and haven’t noticed any ill effects going into cooler wort.

There is no such thing as temperature shock for yeast…at least, it’s nothing to worry about. I always pitch yeast directly from the fridge in to the wort. No problem.

ETA: I guess that’s a pretty broad statement. Cooler yeast into warmer wort is fine. Warmer yeast into cooler wort supposedly is not so great.

The pitching cold trend has a lot of followers and I am one of them. But, I do generally put the slurry or starter in my lager chest at fermentation temperature just for good measure and then wait until both are at the same temperature before pitching when time and schedule allow for that. I don’t see a problem pitching colder and letting it warm up to fermentation temperature, even for lagers. Sometimes I will wait overnight and pitch the next morning, if I can’t get the temperature down cold enough with my wort chiller (a night in the lager chest and I can get it to near freezing, if I want, but I usually ferment between 46F and 49F for the first week or so and then allow it to free rise to the lower 50’sF for the balance of the primary, plus I don’t rack from primary for a month, if I can do so without throwing off my beer schedules).