Pitching harvested yeast

I’m brewing today and going to try to repitch us 05. I have a pint jar with looks like about a 5/8 inch layer of yeast. Going to throw the whole thing in. Okay?

decant the beer on top then aerate your wort, and you should be good to use that amount, if it is fresh yeast and if your not pitching into 1.060 + wort. IMO.

It’s predicted .065 it’s mashing now so I don’t know exactly but I should be close. It is fresh from Tuesday.three days in fridge warming on counter now

I would shake the wort to get as much air in it as possible, this will allow the yeast you pitch to multiply. sounds like you may be close but I have had good luck with that much yeast before. I have a starter going right now and I used an 1/8th cup of settled yeast to 2/3rds quart of 1.040 wort . If it gos good that’s what I will use tomorrow in 5 gal of 1.055 apa.

I have another jar but it doesn’t look like much yeast, mostly beer and trub