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Pisner Beer

No that’s not a misspelling…it’s named that because they use…human urine…

Anyone making pilsner using municipal water is making a pisner


HAHA Good point! If you think about it every thing in the world get’s filtered through the earth into a well also…

Oh geez… Was just about to drink a big mug of home-brew…:disappointed: Sneezles61

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Well if that isn’t bad enough, I saw that somewhere over in Chekslovakia (yeah I can’t spell that) there is a brew inoculated from the under carriage from a fancy model!!! I’ll bet even Pork Chop wouldn’t agree with that! Sneezles61

A Tatra chassis? (I make joke, I know the story you’re talking about, but the phrase “Czech model undercarriage” can mean two things).

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Isolated in a lab? I’d drink that sh##! But pee beer? Nope. It’s one thing if the weird ingredient actually adds something to the overall experience. But an ingredient just added for shock value? Pass.

BTW, that underchassis beer used lacto acidophilus. They went through all that effort to get a bacteria they could have gotten from yogurt. Think about that next time you have one with breakfast!

I’m so conflicted… how can I hate yogurt, but like that other thing? (Toeing the line of decency on this thread is funny all on it’s own).

I know right.

Also weren’t they concerned about ‘wild yeast’? I suppose that could have been another experiment all on it’s own…

Seems like I read an article a few years back about a brewery in India fermenting a beer with yeast isolated from elephant dung.

You know, it’s like bacon and beer. I like bacon, and I like beer. Doesn’t necessarily mean I want bacon IN my beer, though.

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O. F. F. S … No way, no how will yogurt ever be the same… I understand Lacto is the most common orginism in the world… Does that mean we gots to exploit exactly where it comes from… Imagine, you here a thud… look to your side and see sneezles…:dizzy_face: on the ground… Sneezles61

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