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Pinot noir sour

I’m thinking about a sour saison with Pinot noir for flavoring. I’ll brew up my saison then add some of my sour saison I made from crooked stave dregs. Not sure how to sour it. Do you think just adding some of the sour saison would do it? After it’s done and ready to keg I’ll add 2 bottles of Pinot noir I made that is quite “grapey”

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I had a Lagunitas Black Swan that was very good. I’ve been looking for it since and I think it’s gone. What you are describing sounds close

Here is what I came up with for souring. I’m making a beer today and I’ll collect 3quarts third runnings to which I’ll add 1 quart of sour saison and ferment about 90 degree for a couple days then just let it sit untill I brew up the saison. Then blend that in to the secondary then blend in the wine at kegging

Maybe only 8 ounces of the sour give more wort to work on?

I don’t see 8oz of a saison, no matter how sour, doing much of anything to a secondary.

The 8oz will be souring the gallon of wort. So when I brew this beer in about 3 weeks or so by time the saison is done fermenting the gallon should be sour. Then we secondary and add the gallon of sour beer to 4 gallons of saison give that a month or so then keg with the Pinot. I actually add 16 oz to the gallon jug and topped it up with the wort from today’s brew. You have such little faith. This won’t be ready for months.

Ok I understand what is in the saison that makes it sour?

Hopefully lacto Bret mix. Unless it died

Aaahhhh now I see what’s going on. There is only really one way to make sure this is going to work out and that’s to invite me over to try it when it’s done LOL. I do a Kriek every year and it’s my favorite thing. I strongly recommend the yeast Lambic blend for this if your culture is dead.

I’m hoping some mixed ferm people chime in. I filled the jug into the neck now I’m thinking I need more surface area so that lacto has more o2 contact. @squeegeethree do you do mixed fermentations.

I’m trying to get back to Brooklyn we can do a beer swap

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Yes I really love doing a 2 part pitch of Saison in the primary and Brett in the secondary. As I stated above the Lambic blend has it all going on but it cannot be rep itched as the balance gets all out of whack after the first pitch. I am dying to play with some of Yeast Bays blends because I love their Saisons

Edit: you see they recommend keeping the IBUs low. I age some hops leaf every year for this purpose.

Let me know… i rarely go anywhere so I will most likely be here.

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Basically I’m building a lacto/Bret starter since I’ve not added or boiled the wort. If it goes south I’ve not lost anything except a pint of wonderful beer

Ok the jug had foil over the top and I watched it for a week and it looked like not much happening. After a week or so it got a little cloudy or so on top which I was hoping was the souring. At this point I popped. In an airlock. Then it built up a healthy fermentation. It’s now sitting in the jug awaiting the brew day. I have a package of Wy3711 I was planning to pitch (it’s got an older date) then pitch the jug at secondary. Maybe pitch everything together? Or just the jug? What say you guys.

I’d be tempted to just pitch the jug and let it go. But that’s because I’m lazy. You’ll run the risk of the mixed culture taking over and making it REALLY funky. Which might be just fine. If you ferment it first with the saison strain and then add your jug, it should help tame the wild cultures.

For a bit of extra fun, how about doing a pseudo-turbid mash? Pull some runnings, like 2 cups, after 5 or 10 minutes of mashing. Boil it quickly to stop conversion, and add it back to the boil right after the hot break. It should be nice and milky, and provide some food for the LAB after the saison strain destroys everything else.

Interesting. I was going to mash warm also

Brewin this as we speak forgot about the turbo mash thing. Is there anything I could add to the secondary for that lacto to feast on @porkchop

Have you started the boil? Toss in half a cup of flakes wheat or oats into the boil in a muslin bag.

I had flakes in the recipe. I tossed the jug in. Maybe pitch the 3711 in the morning. Figured give the lacto a head start. I’m also underpitching the sach

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