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Pine ipa

Out in CO visiting family and stopped at Tommy knockers in Idaho springs and tasted their pine bough IPA . I thought it wold be gross but it actually tasted alright. Iv had spruce beer before but not pine. When I got to my family they had a deschutes variety with a pine drop IPA.

Do you know if it had pine needles in it or pine tips? Thinking about a pine or spruce tip IPA this spring, might be a good pairing for simcoe/centennial.

Spruce beer you use tips. The girl SG Tommy knockers said they used pine boughs from Loveland ski area. Didn’t know the details. The TK one was the better difinatdly aroma of pine. I know that in the old days in the north country they used the spruce tips to bitter for lack of hops. I suspect the pine beerI they used for aroma late addition.

Go easy on any real pine additions to your beer or it may turn out to be “PineSol” beer. Ask my how I know :unamused:

OK HDmark, how do you know? :grin: Sneezles61

I used some white pine in a tincture and it turned out great as an addition. I’d stay away from red pine though. Deer will eat new white pine growth but they don’t touch the red pine so I trust their palate in this matter.

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So, ah the deer also eat my hops! Sneezles61

I’m really intrigued by this… Anyone have any suggestions for a recipe? I have white pine and black spruce in my backyard. They’ll start budding in a few weeks.

Saw a photo on another site where a guy ran his runnings through a channel cut through a pine log on its way to a coolship. Mind blown!

Well, I used needles from a tree that wasn’t mine. So I used only new growth, the tips, and I only cut half of the needles off. Apparently if you cut more than half off you stunt the tree.
I felt pretty silly giving a haircut to a tree in the church yard but I just tried to ignore the passerbys.
I pretended they were hops and soaked about 3 oz of them in bourbon for a month or so.
If you google “eating pine trees” you’ll find a lot of survivalist stuff about how to eat a pine tree. But take what they say with a grain of salt as some of the sites I saw show picture of trees that aren’t even pines

I make a Juniper Black IPA that uses juniper berries. Pronounced pine flavor, but balanced with the hops and black malt.

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