Pin hole in keg

Would it hurt to have a pin hole welded shut in one of my kegs? Got the keg from a friend and didn’t know it had a hole until I filled it with a batch of CS.

I don’t think it would hurt, but since your keg will be under pressure, you need to get a welder that knows what they are doing. Usually when you have a broken pressure vessel you have to toss it.

So no harm in trying it out, just be warned it is holding pressure and if you are going to question it, toss it.

I would take it to a certified welder.

Drill it and plug it

I have two kegs that must have had a hole in them at one point or another cuz they have pretty terrible weld fixes in them. By terrible I mean that by most peoples accounts on brew boards like this, you would expect them to be hard to clean and very prone to infection by how rough and undulated the metal is inside the keg from the fix. I have never had a problem with these particular kegs as far as infection. Every time I think about getting rid of them, I remind myself how well they hold pressure and I resist the urge to sell them on C’list. I have other kegs that look gorgeous but don’t hold pressure in various places and they drive me mad. There is hope for your keg yet.

Try silver solder? Since I tinker with fab-ing keggles and I use silver solder for my connections…. Sneezles61

That’s not a bad idea sneezles never thought of that. Guess I’ll be fixing a keg today. Thanks for all the post’s.

sneezles your a freaking genius just silver soldered the keg have water in it right now at 20 psi will let it sit for an hour see what happens. Looks like it will work, worth the 11 dollars I spent for supplies. Thanks again.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Just turned it up to 30 psi still holding.

Its all in the name of beer! Enjoy Sneezles61