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Pilsner temp

Hey guys!!
So I may have completely screwed up my pilsner.

So after pitching yeast I left my carboy in a freezer temp regulated at 68 degrees… Left it in there for a day for some activity… Checked on it 24 hrs later and noticed lots of activity… Set up my regulator to lower temp at 55 degrees… However, the city came by and shut down the power for a new powerline they’re installing and it jacked up my temp regulator… So from what I can tell this batch has been in primary for a week at approximately 70 degrees… Any advice on what to do next? So that this beer isn’t a complete failure

I believe you made a steam beer.


As long as it fermented you made a beer… I’ve read some articles of high temp lagering and for them it turned out well. RDWHAHB… Next time, hopefully the power will stay on and you’ll brew the same brew and compare your tasting notes… Sneezles61

There are some fast lager fermentation techniques that use higher temps, but you should never start a lager at that temp. Start in the 45-50 range and after 4-5 days you can start raising it.

Not needing to stir up the pot, the fellows at Brulosophy did this… was it the 34/70? It wasn’t like a start at 70. Hey Denny, do I understand they have a Bach fest in Eugene, Or., which is also a brew celebration? Sneezles61

It’s not really a brew celebration, it’s a Bach Fest. But being Eugene, beer does sometimes figure in.

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Good music too! And plenty of it, considering all the boys he raised and educated! Or was it Sebastian Bach? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

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