Pilsner bottle temperature?

I bottled my Czech Pilsner yesterday and have seen conflicting advice on whether they should now be stored at room temperature or not. Does anyone have any information on this?

The NB instruction sheet for Czech Pils says to store the bottles at room temp, but other online sources have said to store them at lagering temps for a few weeks or at 60.F or so.

Any thoughts?!


You need to store them at room temp for about 3 weeks to fully carbonate them. If you chill them now, the yeast will be much slower to do their job.

+1. 2-3 weeks at room temperature then chill for as long as you can. The longer they sit cold (after carbed) the better they’ll be.

60 degrees should be warm enough to carbonate with lager yeast. I would not go much warmer than that for 2-3 weeks, and then lager as close to 33 as possible for several weeks.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll move the bottles to room temp. for a few weeks.


Why not?