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Pilsner and Simcoe

I am thinking pilsner malt with simcoe hops. Has anybody tried this? Maybe Bohemian yeast? I also may try a 90 minute boil instead of a 60 minute boil. Any thoughts on this?


With today’s modified malts there’s no need to do a 90 minute boil, even with 100% pils grain bill. It could give you a deeper color but other than that I haven’t noticed any difference. So I’ve stuck wiht 60 minute boils for the last few years, adding an ounce or 2 of carafa special for color. The exception being a Helles I brewed this spring and did a hockhurz decoction mash and 90 minute boil. That was a long day. Nice Helles though!

Simcoe Pils huh…interesting idea. What kind of hop schedule?

Bohemian Lager is a good choice. It’s one of my favorite yeasts. I’ve used it with every german style lager I’ve brewed from pils to doppelbocks. My favorite for Pilsner is the Urquell yeast wy2001 but it’s become difficult to get. I just made a starter for wy2206 bavarian lager yeast to brew a pilsner soon.

I have never done a 90 minute boil but I had a pilsner last year that had a hint of what could have been DMS(I think) which I had not had before with my Kolsch’s. I’m not a fan of a 90 minute boil. As far as the hop schedule I was thinking .5 oz 60, .5 oz 20 and possibly a .5 oz at flameout but I’m not sure about that because I want to dry hop 1 oz for a few days. Any thoughts?

I kind of like the idea of a Simcoe Pils with a dry hop. Nothing wrong with your hop schedule but I don’t think I would just throw .5oz at it like that. Come up with a plan and an identified IBU and hit it accordingly.

I will start building the recipe tomorrow and see what it looks like

Here is my recipe. I am open to any suggestions.

Looks good. Your total IBU puts you right at the top or just over the stnadard range for a pilsner but your bittering (60 mins) charge looks a little light for my taste. I’ve traditionally shot for 25 IBU from my bittering addition but recently pushed it to 29-30 IBU. I like a nice crisp bitterness from my pils. It’s a matter of personal taste but 20 is more in the range of a helles IMHO.

Are you saying that you would add another quarter oz at the start of the boil?

Yes I would but that’s just my personal preference. You’ve brewed pilsners before so just shoot for similar bittering addition to the ones you’ve liked. As I said I like a pretty bitter pils.

I have brewed a couple of pilsners and a few Kolsch’s

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