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Phone ap for Beer?

Getting into brewing has rekindled my love for trying new beers. I’d like to get an ap for my iPhone that would let me comment on and rate beers, which would give me ideas about what I want to brew next.

A quick search shows that such aps exist. Any experience with any of these?

I have Beer Cloud, dont’ use it much but it does what you want I think. Also have the BJCP Styles app, as well as BrewPal and SpargePal.

I’ve posted here a number of times about what a big fan I am of iBrewMaster. It’s only $4.99, and it does everything I need it to. It even includes all of the recipes for NB kits, extract and all-grain.

More info at

Watch the NB video at that link. Good demo.

I use Pintly. They have an app and website works pretty good for doing reviews etc. I believe it is free or at least really cheap.

+1 on Pintly. Unless they changed since I signed up its free.

I’ll check those out. I installed iBeersPro, which lets me add notes and rate beers I try. Right off the bat, though, they didn’t have any of the Summit beers. So, I’m adding them.

Brew Gene is decent for a free app

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