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Philly Sour yeast question

Hi all, anyone know this yeast? I’m wondering how it does batch after batch when harvesting it from a yeast cake. I don’t know how it works. Is it a beer yeast plus a souring bacteria combined? I wonder if the ratio of the two remains constant when using it again from the first generation. Thanks for your input

Lallemand does not recommend repitching due to inconsistent results.

I agree most of my yeast forward styles never get repitched they have alwasy lost something to subsequent pitches. That goes for dry and liquid yeast IMO

@big_stick_brewing_co I have repitched Philly sour with no issues. It’s a single species of Lachancea spp. that does the souring. So it’s not going to fall out of balanced like blended souring mixes. I guess people are concerned about it getting contaminated with your ubiquitous brewhouse strains. I don’t think that’s an issue with good cleanliness. I love this yeast.

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