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pH question

I know the pH of your mash should fall between 5.1-5.5 at mash temp, but what should the pH of a finished beer be at? Or does it even matter?!

Finished beer pH should be around 4.2 IIRC.

I just read this yesterday.
. At pH values below 4.0 (or 0.1 mg/l H+ ions), beers tend to taste more sharp and acidic, with increased drying after-palate and a tendency for perceived bitterness to be enhanced
. At even lower pH (3.7 and below, or 0.2 mg/l H+ and above), these effects increase in intensity rapidly, with markedly enhanced metallic after-palate
. Above pH 4.0, the palate effects relate to increased mouth coating, with enhanced scores for biscuit and toasted characters
. At pH 4.4 and above (or 0.04 mg/l or 40 mg/l H+ ions and below), the mouth-coating effects become increasingly more accentuated, with soapy and even caustic characters developing

Good info…thanks!

Thanks for the info. Always something new to learn…

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