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pH meter recommendations

My pH55 meter was really slow a while back so I replaced the electrode. It worked great for the next couple brew sessions but today the readout is indecipherable. Not sure what happened but wish I’d bought a new meter instead of the electrdoe now…

So I may be in the market for a new meter. I’d like on that has the electrode on an extension so can just drop it in the kettle/MT and not have to babysit it or pull off a small amount of liquid. Any recommendations?

Same here, as I’ve whined about at length and won’t belabor the point, I hated everything about my old meter. I put a lot of trust in brewing software and make (I believe) reasonable beer. In the back of my mind though, is the John Palmer statement, "if you’re serious about brewing you’ll get(and in my case use) a pH meter.
So…if a new reliable, easy to use meter came out I’d be willing to entertain buying it.

I got the Thermoworks 8689 reviewed here and find it pretty easy to use and sturdy. I would say that I love it but since it’s the only one I’ve ever owned take that with a grain of salt.

That looks just like mine. The 8000 looks more like what I’m looking for. I’ll have to do a little research to see if it does auto temp correction. That was one of the nice feathres of my old one.

edit: the 8689 does look nice though and has the ATC. So not like it would change my MO any…and it’s cheaper.

Milwaukee MW102. Very accurate, takes awhile for the reading to stabilize, but reliable. It does both temperature and pH. Keep in mind that any pH meter with ATC will only correct for the change in response of the probe itself with respect to temperature, and not for the pH change due to temperature of the liquid being measured.

That’s what people keep telling me but mine gave correct pH readings at any temperature. I could check it at 150 and then cool to 60 and check again and I’d get the same reading.

Good idea to check both temperature points. I mostly use mine for sour beers, and I notice a change at low pH. I haven’t really bothered checking at normal wort pH, it might be close enough that it doesn’t make a difference.

I guess I could check the ATC by heating up the PH testing solutions. The 8689 had a cap so you can easily store it in solution in the cap as it lock on tight. I keep it vertical just to be safe.

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