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Ph Meter Question

Got a new Milwaukee economy Ph meter for X-mas and was given the 4.01 solution to calibrate.

The directions says this 1 point calibration unit should be calibrated with the 7.01 solution. Couldn’t I use the 4.01 solution to calibrate since 4.01 is closer to the Ph we test for in the mash? Or should I stick with the 7.01 solution and just order a bottle of that solution?

I am in no rush as I am not brewing for a couple weeks yet, but want to be as accurate as I can be with what I am working with.

I would get the 7.01 and do a multi-point calibration. I’m pretty sure that will give you a more accurate calibration and it only takes an extra 30 seconds.

Jk, you will need to do a manual 7.01 one point calibration.
Depending on type you can have a few points of calibration, but with your model it is only one at the 7.01 realm. You should have a small screw under the top and a screwdriver. The link I have provided also includes a video. Basically you insert the probe in the solution and will also have to account for temp as it does not feature auto ATC. In most cases when reading a sample at 60-80f it is not big enough to matter. But at any rate for completeness the 7.01 sachet has a temp breakdown on it if needed. But bottom line is to let the probe rest in solution for a minute or two before starting to adjust as it might still be reading while you start turning it out of range etc… then your just bouncing around for nothing.

I’ve used this in my hydroponic system. In my experience, buy a bottle of the calibration fluid. You will need to calibrate it every time you use it. You can buy a bottle on Amazon for about $8.00. Fill a shot glass 1/4 full of fluid and take a reading and adjust as needed (every time you use it).

Sorry for suggesting the 2 point calibration - I didn’t realize that some models only accept a single calibration point.

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