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Ph 5.2 stabilzer or aqua mash

Any one using ph 5.2 stablizer. Did get yesterday my water report for the water of bonaire. So this is what i got. Ph 7.9. Alkalinity 68. Calsium 50 . Iron 0.04 . Choride 0.14 .total hardness water 51. Magnisum 1. So this is acording dutch standards. Please help. Did think this aqua mash. Product. Kind of expensive. Do brew. 10 gall batches

I have some but never used it. The reviews I have read were not very positive. I have been relying on brew smith to predict the mash ph and then based on that have been adding a little lactic acid to the mash & sparge water. I test the mash 15 min into it with apera ph meter and it is usually right on target. Last batch was 5.21. I realize 15 min into the mash is too late to do much about it but it has given me more confidence in using brewsmith. My spring water ph is somewhere between 6.5 and 7.9. I guess I can actually measure it after dumping it into the cooler and adding salts then I would know more precisely.

Accumash is designed to be used with distilled or RO water only.

Don’t waste your money on the 5.2 stabilizer.

Go get Bru’n Water and input the data from your water report.


Have you a pH meter to help you along your journey? Even the specific ones from our host has are good, maybe show a bit low… I’m going with lactic acid, for now… Its something I can’t rely on the info to tell me what to do… I have to verify what I’m trying to do… Sneezles61
PS, pH5.2 is a crap shoot at best…

Got a ph meter. Will look at bru n water see what it will tell what kind of products i need to use. To get the right water

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I can’t get that to open on me Mac… Plus, I can’t get the other suggested gizmo’s that run it to work either… :disappointed: Sneezles61

I’m looking into Bru’n water. The instructions say go to options>formulas be sure automatic calculations is selected and iterative calculation is checked. Can’t find iterative calculation to check. Office 2007.:confused:

I am using Office 360 (on a Mac Laptop) and I see it under “Excel” —> “Preferences” —> “Formulas and Lists”.

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