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Petite saison (extract) addition question

relatively new brewer here. getting ready to brew the NB petite saison. taking a look at the reviews i noticed several that added orange peel / orange rind. any tips how to best do this -
@ 10min ? @ flameout ? rind ?, peels ?, dried ?, fresh ?

thanks for all tips.

also, am giving some thought to treating a gallon with cacao nibs for a week or two after the primary. anyone given this a go ?

this one calls for no secondary. so, i’m guessing a week or two in the primary has been fine - right ?

cheers !

You want to avoid the white pith of the fruit.

Otherwise any of the options you listed is fine. This is home brewing, there are not set in stone rules. Each option will produce a slightly different beer. Which one makes the best beer for your taste buds no one can tell you.

Nibs in a Saison? Don’t know if I would go there.

Personally, I like my Saison brewed straight up. WY3711 fermented cool. This yeast will handle it.

IMO, saisons don’t really need orange or coriander since the yeast adds plenty of funk. I wouldn’t want to mess with nibs on this one, either.

For something a little different, I just spiced mine yesterday with basil, oregano, and mugwort. Turned out very nice. Sort of an herbal, lemony flavor. The beer is naturally a little spicy and lemony on its own from the yeast, but I find that just a tiny bit of subtle spice can take it from great to excellent. Just go really easy on it, not too much.

I would definitely NOT put cacao nibs in this style. Orange might be good though. If you wanted to try it, I would wait until bottling/kegging day and then just soak fresh orange peel in a little vodka for 6-8 hours, then add the orange infused vodka tincture to the beer, a little at a time until you get the amount of orange flavor that you want. I did exactly the same thing for my herb additions. Turned out really tasty.

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