Personal Keg

I’m looking for a christmas gift and I can’t decide between these. Has anyone used one or both of these that has a review?

Did look at this looks nice. Its for you or someone else.

For me from wife for christmas. I don’t know which one to ask for because of lack of reviews.

For that money get a keg and regulator. It’s kind of a gimmick thing don’t see the point for home brewing

The purpose of that is to get growler fills from craft breweries and keep it fresh longer by sealing it and adding gas. If tha’s your thing…it’s useful. If you’re thinking of using it for homebrew then I agree with @brew_cat

edit: If you’re a one gallon brewer I think there are one gallon mini kegs like that available also.

5 liter may be a problem getting filled at least in some places. Growlers are generally 64 oz.

Why dont you get some beerkegs. Find them on e bay. A regulator. And. Co2 tank.

I’d get this … oh I already did. It holds 1.75 gallons or 224 oz.

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My mother got me something similar… a Growlerworks Ukeg. It’s beautiful, but I haven’t taken it to any taprooms for a growler fill yet. Taprooms can be kind of fussy about what they will and won’t fill. I’ll probably have to get a glass growler, pour into the keg at home and pressurize. Still kind of fun, but really frivelous.

It wouldn’t really be for my own beer, but to take to some brewer friends I know when they give me beer and maybe local breweries. I liked them because of the small size. I am also looking into kegs for my own beer as soon as I have more disposable income. I figured if I ended up never using it I could give it to a friend.
@mullerbrau thanks that looks cool for my 1 gallons.

I have a tap on a liquid post connector and a and a paintball charge connector on the gas post. No mini regulator though I’d get that. I can use the set up on any keg usually use it on a 2 1/2 gallon keg.