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Perlick Faucet Varieties

Looking into getting a Perlick as an added luxury for my system. There are three listed on more beer. I unfortunately cannot order from NB because they do not deliver to Canada.

Anyway, the three listed are the standard, the creamer, and the flow control for $10 more. Are any of the options other than standard worth worying about?

I have 7 SS 525 standard faucets and they all work GREAT!


That’s my vote. 8)

When I was building my system, I wondered the same. From what I had read, the creamer and flow control faucets are completely unnecessary. If you go with the 525SS faucets and properly carbonate your beer, have the right line length for your system, etc. you will be perfectly happy with those. I am.

They standards are awesome for sure. Easy cleaning and they nearly eliminate stuck faucet issues. Skip the standard “chrome” faucets, I know I wish I had.

There is a website based in Ontario that sells these. Shipping would be better for you if you looked there. I ordered a kettle from them and it’s cheaper than trying to order from a US site and having it shipped across the border.

Is that Canadian Home Brew Supplies?
I would definately check their price before ordering from the states, but a lot of the time their retail price is higher and morebeer in USA usually ships regular post which ends up to be pretty reasonable.

The site is Ontariobeerkegs. I’ve ordered a brew kettle from them for a reasonable price. I order 99% of my supplies from NB, but I live very close to the border and can just drive and pick it up. But if I didn’t want to go across the border, I’d order from them. Their prices are pretty good.

Wow, they have moved up in the world a bit. Just checked out the site. I have ordered from them several times but not for a while. They definatley did not have that type of inventory (or prices) a couple of years ago.

Perlicks are actually a really good price from them right now. Great tip.

Funny thing about both major ontario sites… I have had hit and miss customer service from both. One time you think man this is a great guy helping people out. Next time…“What a douche!”

Assuming shipping from S Ontario is comparable to shipping from California (and it is not a good idea to assume that) I would probably try ordering from them again.

I have a standard Perlick and recently added a flow control model. I like both a lot. I like some beers more fizzy (hefe, Belgians, pils) so the flow control was a nice addition. A buddy has the creamer version and remains unimpressed.

Thanks. The concensus seems to be for just the standard, but I am glad I heard from someone who has tried them all and had input on each.


Good point on the service from that place. I have had very good experiences, and others that seem like I’m just annoying them with my questions about their products. Also, their shipping can be a bit expensive. I want to order the Perlick growler filler, but the shipping is the same cost as the actual part. They have them on ebay as well, and I could get it shipped to the US address I use for free??? It doesn’t make any sense, and the guy wasn’t to friendly when I asked why the shipping to the US was free, but to the same province was so costly. If you don’t have any other options but shipping up from the US and still having to pay the tax anyways, you’re probably best getting them from OntarioBeerKegs. Good luck. And I do love the Perlicks. Well worth the extra few bucks.

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