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Pepper Paste / Hot Sauce

I just finished a lactofermentation of a quart of various hot peppers, peppers and spices and I have to say this batch is incredible. I would love to be eating this all day but I don’t think my body can handle that much salt intake. The primary books I’m using for exploration are great resources.

Anyone else making fermented sauces and pastes?

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I do all kind of ferments with stuff from the garden. my favorite is the long hot peppers. just planted some


This looks jummy

Love to eat hot pepers and sambal. But got to take before going to sleep now some anti reflux meds. Suck my bad life style is cathing me

Everyone sooner or later. :roll_eyes:

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Oh geez, this just shows now… more un-filtered Ale Wilco! All that yeast… yummy!

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