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Penguin Chiller took a crap?

Anyone here have a Penguin Glycol Chiller? Mine doesn’t want to lower the temp of the glycol for some reason. It’s like the compressor broke or something. I’m pretty sure it is set to 30 DF but it won’t go down below 53!!

I do not. I’m not familiar with these chillers. Are you sure it’s not set to c°? Just a thought. If not I would contact the place you bought it. A glycol chiller should easily chill to well below freezing

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I don’t know much about these chillers either, but is there a way to check the glycol level? Could it be low on glycol?

Most likely you are out of penguins.


I always thought penguins were just ‘chill’ by nature. Didn’t realize you had to chill them…

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