Pellicle forming too fast

so i have a lambic style batch i brewed last month, just a basic recipe pils/wheat very low hopping and lambic blend yeast, so only after about a month its forming a pellicle which is expected but not this soon, everywhere i read says a pellicle forms in the presence of oxygen which has me baffled cause i took extreme measures to seal up the carboy, i have a rubber stopper that i taped to hold in place better cause it kept popping out, then i wrapped in parafilm to further seal it up, and im using eva tube into a jug of sanitizer as a airlock, so i dont understand how o2 is still getting in and causing the beer to form a pellicle so rapidly, i would think it would take a couple of months, anyway, does this occur normally or should i reseal this son of a gun, cheers

there will always be some oxygen in the carboy and in the wurt. I dont think there is a time frame for the yeast/bacteria they are on their own schedule not sure you need to be worried. What are you doing for temperature control?

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for primary i used a chest freezer/temp control as of now its a ambient room temp, thanks for your input

if you cool it you may be able to slow it down. The warmer temp is not a problem I dont believe. You may get some different flavors at different temps.

last time i made a lambic style i followed the same ferm/aging schedule and it turned out fantastic, only difference this time is im using eva tube(which is supposed to be o2 impermeable) as a airlock instead of a actual airlock, reason being i didnt have a airlock

oh and im still getting a bubble every few seconds so its actively still off gassing co2, so im over here scratching my head

well there are always variables that are hard to control one being age and viability of the yeast but Iā€™m just throwing stuff out there. At this point not much you can do but let it run its course. My expeirience with wild yeasts is they are just that


very true, these little critters do what they want, just hoping o2 is not making its way in, cheers

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