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Pegboard Tool Board

Just a simple pegboard tool board. Keeps everything I need organized and close. Simple, clean, and effective.

very cool! I was looking at my walls in my garage and wishing I had that one. Awesome. How much was the peg board?

Nice setup!!! Perhaps you could post more pics of your brewing area, it is amazing.

Wait, did you turn the washer into a table by putting a piece of particle board on top of it? Nice.

If I had a Star Trek style transporter it would be missing! :smiley: It’s sweet and I am jealous. I have to get to work on my brew station.

Yes…my local Menards store had cutoffs of old kitchen counter material. I got a piece that fit perfect on the washer for $1.00. It makes a very nice, easy to clean work surface, and the washer is still usable.

Should run around $15 for a 4’x8’ sheet.

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