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Peanut Butter Stout ideas and suggestions

Y’all know I pretty much only brew IPA’s but my wife really wants a peanut butter stout on tap at home. I’ve done a little research but would like to hear if you guys have any good (or bad) experiences with such a brew. It sounds like peanut butter flavor is hard to achieve and doesn’t hang around long when you do get it right. A few ideas I’ve read is Reese’s PB Cup cereal in mash and/or secondary, Lorann PB extract, de-oiling natural PB and using PB2 powder and brewers had positive and negative experiences with all of them.

Here’s a rough grain bill to start:
• 10 lb Pale Maris Otter Malt
• 1 lb Flaked Barley
• 1lb Flaked Oats
• 12 oz Caramel 80L
• 8 oz Carafa Type 3 Malt
• 8 oz CaraFoam
• 8 oz Chocolate Malt
• 1 lb Lactose (Boil 5 min)
• 4 oz Cocao Powder (Boil 5 min)
• 4 oz Cacao Nibs (secondary fermentation- 14 days)

I would convince your wife to accept a pecan stout instead. I have a 3 year old pecan Imperial that still holds up if you give it a gentle shake before serving.

I did a peanut butter stout with PB2 powder in secondary, It wasn’t very good. I have a buddy that did one with peanut butter extract, didn’t get to try it but supposedly it was killer. I believe he was adding the extract straight to the keg.

I think @wilcolandzaat did one of these if I remember correctly…hopefully he will chime in.

That’s not gonna happen, she’s a big PB cup fan and doesn’t care for many other types of nuts. I’ll figure something out and if it doesn’t work, I may never have to brew this again.

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I like the idea of adding the flavor to the keg after. The only beer Ive had to toss was a peanut/ coconut stout. So it’s comforting to
Me to know the beer is complete before risking these oily additions

Looks like @wilcolandzaat used Chocolate Peanut butter powder, but he hasn’t chimed back in with how it worked out since that post. Hopefully he can enlighten us a bit. :innocent: I couldn’t fathom 5 gallons of chocolate pb beer personally, one and done for me ha!


there it is. Made 5.5 gallon of the baby sweet jesus clone. Must admit. Came taste wise out real nice. Did use about. 9 oz of these peanutbutter choc powder. Did add it to secondary. My daughter likes it lots. Next time i am gonna do. This again. Might add vanilla bean tincture. And bit more peanut butter powder.


Care to post your recipe?

hope you can read this.


Looks like the same recipe I found on Brewers Friend. Thanks @wilcolandzaat

Me did brew saturday a other batch. Of. Stout. Me gonna add this time as well vanilla vodka tincture. Besides the peanutt chocolate powder

I’ve started making my vanilla tincture with bourbon ever since Denny recommended it for BVIP, I really like it that way and bet it would be nice in a stout.


Did made tincture. Saturday. Did check this morning. Did smell real nice. Haha.almost worth to pour my self a drink

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