Peach wheat beer

Afternoon all,

Planning on brewing an American Wheat peach beer within the next month or so. My plan thus far is to brew an American wheat according to a generic recipe, and add a few lbs of pureed frozen peaches during the last 5-10 minutes. I was then going to, after a few weeks, rack fermented beer onto more frozen peaches in the secondary.

I know that I need to use peaches that are preservative free, so frozen and then pureeing for the boil was the plan. Was then going to use whole frozen peach slices for secondary.

My questions are this:

(1) How many lbs of peaches do I use? I’m obviously looking for aroma and a bit of flavor
(2) What hops would compliment a beer of this caliber?
(3) I know then sell peach extract, but what planning on using the real deal. Ok?



This thread might give you some help with the fruit idea, but it does not touch on the hops.


Hops in most wheat beers are in the background and anything non assertive under 20 IBUs would work.