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Peach mead recipe

So I live in the Seattle area and picked up a box of Yakima peaches a week or so ago (I’ll put Yakima peaches against any other peaches in the world any day).

I have about 12 pounds of peach mash bagged and frozen. Wanting to make about a 6 gallon batch of peach mead and need a recipe. Any suggestions?

Here is a recipe for a peach-ginger melomel that I have had great sucess with.

Peach Ginger Melomel
6US gal

14lbs premium Clover Honey
12lbs peaches (peeled and mashed)
3.5gal water
3tsp pectic enzyme
2oz ginger root (peeled and mashed)
D-47 yeast
Staggered nutrient feedings

Remember that peach become quite mushy in the fermenter and can require some extra time to clear. Also, do not trust your gravity reading with the peaches in there. You can omitt the ginger if you want, but it plays very well with the peach.

Thanks! Interesting having a little ginger as well. I can see how that would give a nice flavor.

With 14 pounds of honey, what should I expect OG to be? Do you usually ferment down to a dry product, or leave some sugar?

Also do you boil the honey in water, or just pasteurize or use campden instead?

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