Peace Coffee 2nd crack stout

I just made this recipe for the first time, and I’m wondering if I might have f**d up. Does the coarsely ground coffee just get added directly to the wort? (That’s what I did.) Should I have brewed it, or steeped it in a mesh bag? Active fermentation just ended, and I see a lot of coffee at the top of the carboy. I assume I will need to filter it if I haven’t ruined it. I’ve never had to filter before, what would the best way to do this? Thanks for your help.

Place a hop bag/muslin bag over the tip of your racking cane. Rack below the surface of the coffee trying to leave as much in the fermenter as possible. The bag will assist in any that might get close to being sucked in the cane.


You’re probably going to have a lot of coffee flavor in your beer as the recipe says to steep for 20 minutes on flameout (implying removing the coffee after the 20 minutes are up). That said, you’ll still likely end up with a good beer. I’ve made this beer a couple of times (once by the NB recipe, once with my own minor changes) and it was excellent both times. Good luck with your beer, and welcome to the forum!! :cheers:

I brewed this and loved it. One thing to note is that, the coffee flavor dissipates quickly. At least for me it did. After one month bottle conditioning the coffee taste was quite strong, but 6 weeks later the coffee taste was very subdued. May have just been my taste buds getting used to it.