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Patience paid off

I tapped my Karma today. I had 10 lbs for 4 days and 15lbs for 7 days, with a shaking not stirred of the keg. On Thursday I noticed that the shaking was muffled which told me carbonation. I tapped it Saturday afternoon. I turned down the pressure to 5lbs the bubbles were nice and tight. I gave the first taste of the carboned beer to our son. Had a couple of glasses!!


Now you’ll have to brew more… Kegs seem to go quickly… It’s like… you just pulled the first and then it kicks… how does that happen? :beers:

At least it’s not just me @sneezles61

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Already thinking about the next one. NB Dead Ringer. Maybe next weekend. Get to use my new ph tester. Question: the directions calls for dry hopped in a second fermenter. Can I leave the 3- 4 week fermentation and dry hop in one vassil, or will the yeast create an issue?

If you are kegging and have a second keg, it’s awesomely simple to dry hop in the keg. Best to bag your hops here, and tether them to the beverage out post or clamp it about halfway up with a food safe clip.

Aside: why does every time I type kegging it corrects to legging? what the hell is legging anyway ? Legging out a bunt ? Goat leggings?

Than that means to pour off a glass to clear out the settlement from the keg or leg or what ever I use?
( you have a leg up on kegging maybe)


The small amount of sediment in a keg generally is about a pint glass of green/yellow thick stuff then all clear.

Goat leggings from Dragnet…

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