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Pasteurization time

I’m trying to make 5 lt of sake.
I have to make the first pasteurization and I don’t understand how much time I have to leave it at 60-65°C (150F).
I know that low pasteurization means to put it at 60°-65°C per 30 minutes, but I read in different blogs that when the sake reaches 60°-65°C the bottle have to be immediatelly removed.
So, I don’t understand if the whole heating process (from room temperature to 150F) have to last 30 minutes or if after that sake reaches 60°-65°C I have to leave it other 30 minutes at that temperature.
Another pasteurization called HTST (high temperature short time) needs 2-3 minutes at 75°C (167F).
So, what have I to do?

Another question, during pasteurization the bottle has to be sealed?

If you seal that bottle before heating it to pasteurize, what do you think will happen as the heat causes the liquid and gasses trapped inside that sealed glass container to expand? I hope you have eye protection handy…

Also, if the bottle is already sealed prior to heating, the container will never develop that vacuum seal that will help preserve the sake for long term storage.

So to create the vacuum have I to seal it when I remove the bottle and put it to cool down?

Do you use screw caps or pressure caps?

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