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Party Ball / Beer Ball / Beer Sphere supplies?

I recently picked up some additional homebrew equipment from craigslist and the guy threw in two of these party balls and the tapper.

They are about the size of basketballs. There’s a little “membrane” that gets pierced by the tapper so you need to drink it all in one sitting. He did have about 4-5 extra membranes for me. I think these would be great to use for special occasions but I can’t seem to find anyone that sells extra membranes. Once I go through those, the beer balls would be useless.

Anyone know what that “membrane” piece was called back in the day when these were sold? Anyone know where to get more of these?

I’ll have to jump in my delorean, head back to the mid 1990’s and ask my high school self. I’m sure 1990’s me will have an answer for ya.

please bring back some sweet tunes too.

so uh… no ideas from anyone i take it?

I think that the last time ever even I saw beer-ball had to be at least 15-20 years ago (Coors was using them).

All I know is, back in the 1970’s, I bought an awful lot of Falstaff in those things! Pretty sure they sold them in 5 gal & 2.5 gal sizes.
Last time I asked a retailer about them, all he could muster was a laugh. :cheers:

All of the equipment I got from this guy seems about 15+ years old.

The last time I saw any sort party ball would have been around 2002?
I think they were popular in the college town I was at because they got around the keg per household laws.

The one’s I’ve gotten are a little bit harder and smaller than those though.

For reference this is what I’m talking about. Prob 2.5 gallons? Will measure soon.

And the membranes look like this.

I actually have a dozen of them. Some more were in the bottom of the bucket. They are all in these little ACE hardware bags. I wonder if ACE sold brewing supplies back then…or if they were just the perfect sized bags to hold these.

Looking forward to trying it a couple times either way.

Or it’s something that Ace sells (or used to,) for a different purpose.

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