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Partigyle Attempt forTeach a friend to homebrew

I was going to try a partigyle brew for the first time, I figure I can have 2 batches going at once so it’s twice the learning, at least that’s what I’m telling my wife. Was interested in Jamil’s English Barley Wine and a brown/mild based off Jamil’s English Brown Ale recipe. Never did a partigyle brew before so looking for guidance. For first time styles I always look to Jamil, just a habit.

I have a 120qt cooler mash tun, 26 gal kettle and a keggle kettle. Was hoping to do 10 gals of the Barley wine and more than that of the brown/mild. I usually batch sparge but I think I have room to do the full 10 gals in one running and will see how it goes gravity wise after that. First batch og will hopefully be 1.100 and I’ll probably aim for the second batch to have an og of 1050.

The barley wine calls for EPA, Caramunich and crystal 120. The brown ale calls for EPA, special roast, victory, crystal and chocolate.

My question is since I already have the Crystal 120 in the mash tun should I not add some of the grains to the second runnings for the brown ale (was going to add the special roast, victory, crystal and chocolate and let the mash sit for 30 mins). If so what grains should I leave out?


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