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Particles coming from my keg

Hey all. I made a milk stout. Tastes great with no brewing issues. Howevaa…I noticed again that I’m getting a few small particles with each pour. Upon inspection, I think they might be little gunks of keg lubricant since they definitely aren’t spent hops or nibs and they have a soft consistency.

I was curious if that rings a bell with anyone since I haven’t seen any like issues through my search. I don’t think I over lubricate but who knows. I was curious if anyone else has had this issue or if it might be something else.

Maybe it’s that the tap lines need to be cleaned?

In any event, I’ve been using a filter when pouring out of the keg but that kind of takes the fun out of it!

I’ve never used keg lubricant what does it do?

You put it on the rubber o ring at the top of the keg. Supposed to provide a better seal as I understand and prevent the ring from becoming brittle.

For all my orings. I do use christolube. Its a oil free grease. Some orings react by comming brittle. Due to the grease what is based on oil

Yeast…there is yeast in your brew… As it sits… It collects at the bottom and some of it gets put into solution and into your sippy cup…
I do use keg lube from time to time… Makes putting things together easier and seals like the big lid O-ring, seat real quick and with less pressure…

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Keg lube is just food grade lubricant. You can get stuff called petrol-gel for about 1/3. I originally got some for the gears on our meat slicer from a restaurant supply. Then ding, the light went on. This could be useful with kegs.

BTW you don’t need to use very much. The tube should last a long time.

Ivy never used it but my kegs are generally not dry so the lid o ring stays moist

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