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Partial Boil with 10 gallon pot

Just considered this for the first time…anyone out there use a 10 gallon pot, do about 6 to 7 gallons of wort, and split into two 5 gallon batches, topping off with whatever water is needed to come up with two full 5 gallon batches? I am just thinking, I always enjoyed my brew when it was only partial boil…I could now do the minimal additional work of a full volume boil, but yield twice as much beer in the end…I think I am liking this idea…so World, anyone else do this???


Full boils are recommended, so I would assume that most people with a 10gallon pot would do 5-6 gallon batches rather than two 3.5-4gallon batches and top both off with 1-1.5gallons of water.

And I assume this is why you haven’t gotten any responses.

I was wondering if anyone ever does a partial boil for a 10 gallon batch, in a 10 gallon pot.

I just haven’t noticed a huge difference in my 3 gallon partial boil vs my full boil batch quality, and was wondering if I could just double my output up to a 10 gallon batch by partial boiling in a 10 gallon pot. Seems reasonable to me.

I did when I started all grain. All I had was a five gallon MLT and a 28qt turkey frier. I still had extract for a couple of batches at the time so I used it up with 10 gallon partial mashes.

My guess is that it would work. Give it a try and let us know.

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