Part-gyle or split batch brewing

Hi ! I was wondering if anyone has any good party-gile or splitbatch recipe ideas .Just looking for ideas and such thanks

As a few peeps I brew with, will each have their own yeast and what ever they would add AFTER the boil. Of course, grain bill adjusted to the final amount of boiled wort to be divided… Also, really ambitious, make a large enough mash, take the first runnings and make a very large brew, and the second as a small brew. You will need two kettles and burners, then follow what ever schedule you will like to use. Sneezles61

Ipa or APA with different dry hops and or different yeast. American wheat/hefe. Esb in one pot and in the other steep some darks grains in The wort to make a porter. Pils / sasion. Lots of ways to go.

I’ve done quite a few. Before I got a big enough pot I would do a big big mash and split the runnings. I would mix the runnings. Sometimes 50/50 if I wanted both beers the same gravity or sometimes 60/40 or 70/30 etc to have different gravities. Requires a little math. With two separate pots you can make two completely different beers. My favorite was my Pilsner split sometimes the second beer would be a saison or Patsbier. Belgians work nice for the lower gravity beer because you are already adding sugar to get the gravity up.

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