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Pfff. Bonaire compleet black out. Yesterday. Came back. At 12 last night. Do have my kegurator full with kegs on tap. For a party tonight. My ink bird still cooling down my kegurator. Hope it will be cool bit later. Plan for brewing tomorow not gonna happen. Some co workes. Decided to be sick. So no weekend off

Are you out of power because of fuel issue?
Hope you can cool off the brews…
I now have a brew serving gizmo that keeps mine about 38+*F…
Getting better tasting results…

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On the end beer was cold enough did not hear not any complaints. Heck it was for free. A party for some friends and co workers of her deal. Ok party at my house. But you bring the food. Any way back to black out of island. Do think it was two of the genarators who broke down. No fuel issue. But pfff fuel prices went up like crazy.


Nothing worse than no power especially when it results in warm beer! I’m assuming the resorts have back up generators?

Where i work we got small genarators. For the main office. Compresor area. For the rest sit in the dark and wait it out. Me at least went out did buy bags of ice. Some ipa bottles brand beer. Bottl wine. Cheese. We made the best out of it.


Sometimes those curveballs make for best of times.

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