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Palmer Brewing Method

I have the book “How to Brew” by John Palmer. Being that I don’t have a large enough kettle for a full boil yet,(that will be my next upgrade) his method is adding half of the extract after the boil is done and letting it steep/pasteurize for 10-15 min before cooling the wort. He says it helps with better color and flavor if you can’t do a foil boil yet for extract kits. Just wondering if anyone has tried this or has any input on this method? Cheers!

When I brewed extract, I used to do this when I started out before upgrading my kettle for full boils. Extended boiling with extract cases the wort to darken based on Maillard Reaction, so the theory is if you add half of your extract for the full boil and add the second half at the end to pasteurize it, the wort should be lighter in color than it would be if you boiled the full amount the full time. I can’t tell you that I noticed a significant taste difference between when I did this and when I just added all of the extract.


What the heck is in bottled extract that needs pasteurizing ? I would imagine it could be added anytime the wort is warm enough to dissolve it

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I’m with you Brew Cat… The only thing I worry about is the water to boil, then turn it off and hope the container the wort came in was cleaned… Wouldn’t want any old poopy paws stuff gittin’ in yer wort… Dump it in give it few few minutes and chill… Sneezles61

I agree. Little risk. But in Palmer’s defense people would be extremely upset if they did have a problem. Better safe than sorry in his world.

And before you think you could just get away with adding all at the end, you need some sugars to get hop isomerization.

As I have mentioned before, I have boiled the hops by themselves then added the extract at the end. It has already been boiled, Right? I’m not so much worried about it darkening, It’s just easier.

Did it work? My understanding was the hops needed sugar for isomerization.

I haven’t tried it yet haha. But there will still be some sugar in there, being that half of the extract will be in for the whole boil.

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I second or third adding some of your extract to bring out the best of the full boil bittering hops and adding the rest whenever. I have also done a completely no boil beer and I’m not sure I’m a fan.

I only do extract in the winter and not that much but I think it came out fine. The last was a simple pale ale, Kveik yeast, Magnum and Cascades. Magnum has a lot of power so that may have been helpful.

I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible with very little equipment. A couple more months and back to the big AG equipment.

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