Pale ale with jam?

has anyone ever used jam in the mash?

Never have, but I would think the secondary would be the place for it.

i’ve mashed toe jam before, oh, thats not the same is it :lol:

No need to add the jam to the mash - the sugars in the fruit and the jam are already available to the yeast as-is. End of boil or in the secondary (preferred) is where I would add jam if using it.

I would assume the set pectin in the jam is a bad thing…

I made a beer a couple months ago and racked half of it (2.5 gallons) to a secondary on top of a pound of strawberry jam and half a pound of blackberry jam. Both jams were home-made.
I will tell you I didn’t get too much tartness and the aroma of ‘smuckers strawberry’ was friggen awesome!
It turned out pretty well, but the aroma of strawberry jam is where it stopped. I didn’t get a taste of strawberries hardly at all. I recently purchased some strawberry flavoring extract that I plan to add use next time I make it. I will just use a little bit of it when I keg to get a better strawberry taste to the beer.

Everyone who had some thought it was pretty awesome as you definitely got the smuckers jam right in the nose when you took a sip. Alas it didn’t last very long. It was my first time kegging and I had a faulty liquid out post that I didn’t notice. I probably got 15 beers out of the keg, came back the next day to find the rest on the floor under the fridge. Not a happy camper…

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