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Pale ale malt

Will get some pale ale malt today. From my other brew buddy. But think its the same as 2 row malt. Am i right? Thinking about using at as a basemalt

What brand is the malt? It’s usually the same, except for when it’s not. 2-row and pale malt are generally the same when it comes from us-based or Canadian malt houses, but British and continental malts can be different.

Think its dingemans. Belgium. Grains. The guy i am helping. Has lots of grains. Can get it for free

Dingemans is kilned slightly darker than typical 2-row, although it should still work great. It’s probably closer to a Maris Otter than straight-up 2-row. There should be an SRM for the malt - it’s probably around 3-3.5, versus around 2 for 2-row. Just means it’ll lower mash pH slightly more than 2-row, but otherwise pretty much interchangeable.

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