Pale Ale Extract Recipe Help

I’m trying to create my own pale ale extract brew. I’m new to brewing and thought a fun challenge would be trying to create my own. My ingredients so far are:

.5 lb of Briess Caramel 40L
Alexander’s Pale Malt Syrup 4 lbs.
Columbus Hop Pellets (60 mins)
US Goldings Hop Pellets (30 mins)
US Fuggle Hop Pellets (5 mins)
Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale

A couple questions to the community, is tehre a way to figure out what the ABV of this brew will be? Also, the Pale Malt Syrup, I was thinking using 6lbs (would 8lbs make a difference) instead of 4.

Is there anything else I’m missing, thoughts on the recipe, just trying to figure it out as I go, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

It seems to me, that I got 1.030 per pound of extract to a gallon of water, 13 years ago, I may have forgotten most my findings. Yer half pound of of caramel seems just a bit much, IFN yer brewing 5 gallons. Hops, well how much? Schedule, I don’t find aromatic hops at 30 minutes contribute much if any. Save the fuggles fer a brown ale, use more US Goldings, maybe put 2 oz in at flame out let sit fer half an hour… Hope this will get you pondering… Keep reading and you’ll find how to get yer possible ABV by design… Its out there! Sneezles61

Three phrases for your search engine of choice :relaxed:

  1. John Palmer How to Brew
  2. Beer Recipe Calculator
  3. bjcp pale ale style

John Palmer’s “How to Brew” is an often and highly recommended book. The 1st edition is available online for free. If you agree it’s a great book online, buy the 3rd edition.

If you’re planning for a 5 gallon batch of wort, 8 lb of LME should result in an ABV roughly between 4.7% to 5.2%. A beer recipe calculator can give you a more accurate estimate.

The amount of bittering (60 min), flavoring (30 min), and aroma (5 min) hops to use will depend on if you are doing 1) a full or partial boil and 2) late malt additions.

If you can provide us with boil size, batch size, and any plans for use of late malt additions, there should be some additional ideas that we can offer.

Input your numbers into this recipe builder to see how it fits the style.

Make changes to see how they affect the recipe.

Thanks guys! I used the brewersfriend calculator and have adjusted my recipe accordingly. I plan on starting with 2.5 gallon to boil and then add malt and finally add the remaining 2.5+/- gallons into the primary to get to a 5 gallon batch.I’ll probably change up my hops as well, as of now I adjusted them to 10 mins goldings and 5 mins fuggles (1 oz each).