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Pale Ale: Do I have enough malts and grains?

I have brewed a couple batches using ingredient kits but this time I am trying to put the ingredients together myself. Im trying to make a pale ale with medium hop level, carmel flavor, and higher alcohol content using beet sugar.

Light LME (3.3 lbs)
Light DME (1 lb)
Carmel Crystal Malt 60L (1 lb)
Fuggle Hops (1 oz)
Centennial Hops (1 oz)

Belgium Beet Sugar (1 lb)
Irish Moss

If there is anything I might need to add or not use so much of, please let me know! Im new to the more creative side of brewing so any tips would help!

Head over to, plug your recipe into their online program and see if it hits your OG/IBU criteria.

Thanks so much! That calculator is amazing…didn’t know there was such a thing.

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