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Pale Ale Advice

So i’m still brewing extract, and I’ve been kind of interested in maybe sorachi ace and palisade.
I’ve heard mixed reviews of sorachi for bittering, that it can add maybe a buttery or overly sweet flavor. If I were to keep the bittering charge around .25 to .50 oz for a five gallon batch would that produce an overly buttery flavor?
I’m thinking the malts used will be NB Gold LME with maybe some caramel 40 for steeping. I’ve like this combo so far in a few IPA’s.

I’m also intrigued by the flavor profile of palisade and thinking of splitting 1 - 1.5 oz at 10 and 5 min additions for flavor…possibly tossing the other .5 oz or so of the sorachi in to gain more of the lemon flavor with less ibu.

Any thoughts?

Fun to experiment.

Only thing I have is to say I have never had a butter with sorachi to bitter.

[quote=“pinnah”]Fun to experiment.

Only thing I have is to say I have never had a butter with sorachi to bitter.[/quote]

This comment from this brew dudes article is what alarmed me.

“on December 13th, 2010 at 11:28 pm
You have to be careful with this hop. It does have strong lemon elements, but it adds a really creamy, cloying, buttery element as well. Loser by Elysian is made using all sorachi, and was fondly called Diacytl Juice by some people who worked there because of the crazy buttery flavor it had in its first few batches. It is still a great hop, you just have to watch out for the greasy notes. If you are using it for the citrus notes, expect more of a lemon cream flavor instead of lemon. Also, the coolest part about this hop in my opinion is how late the bitterness hits your palate. It is really interesting, you get all of the flavors of the beer, and then completely after the fact that bitterness comes rushing in.”

I recently brewed a blonde ale using sorachi ace for flavor and aroma. It was a three gallon batch that used 1/4 oz. to FWH and 1/4 oz. to dry hop, yummy with no butter flavor.

Thanks for the input. I’m leaning towards sorachi primarily for flavor and aroma.
This recipe may warp to be more wheat based… Seems that is the popular use for sorachi.

I brewed an all Sorachi Ace wheat a few months ago. Equal parts pale & wheat malt with a pound of light crystal. Sorachi Ace at 60, 20, Flame out and dry hop. No buttery for me either. And you are right, it goes very well with the wheat.

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